The Hungarian Electronic Library (MEK) has been operating as a civil movement since its launching in the Hungarian webspace. Hundreds contributed to the development of the collection - as individuals or as representatives of corporate sponsors - with documents offered to the collection, volunteer work or ideas and suggestions. We appreciate all kinds of recommendations and support, and intend to answer all enquiries.
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We expect inquiries about the use of the library on the address mek[}kukac{]oszk[}pont{]hu , mail sent to this address is usually answered within a few hours. Should you encounter technical difficulties, we kindly advise you to inform us of the following: the type of platform (operation system) and browser you use, the nature of the problem along with the displayed failure notices. User opinion and suggestions can be posted in our Guest book. You also can review the documents individually by clicking on the "Olvasói vélemények" (Readers' opinions) link on the respective title-page, where you can also read posts by other readers. If you are interested in the news and activities concerning the MEK project, or simply would like to get notified of our latest acquisitions and updates, you can subscribe to our mailing list on the page You may also contact us via Facebook: MEK official page, or Friends of the MEK group. With other library-related problems and reference questions please contact the Ask the Librarian online reference service.


A mailing list is maintained - currently with about 200 active members - on the topics of the operation, development and funding of the MEK project. Anyone can take part in this discussion, thus promptly receiving news and information, share suggestions and ask for advice, assistance. You can join this list by visiting the following URL: For those who wish to take part in our activities on a larger scale we recommend joining the non-profit Association for the Hungarian Electronic Library. Individuals and institutions both can become members of the Association and can provide financial support for the digital reproduction and distribution of Hungarian cultural sources either by the membership dues or voluntary donations. The group of our most important partners includes publishing houses, editorial boards.


The popularity of the Hungarian Electronic Library is mostly due to the several links pointing to the collection or individual documents from several personal and official web sites. We hereby thank everyone who helps the promotion of our service by linking to it. There are several ways to link the MEK-collection, you can choose the one most appropriate for your site. The main page is available at the URL, the PURL and at the N2L?urn:nbn:hu-2 URN address as well. The advantage of the latter two links is that they always point to a working mirror site, thus making the collection available even in the case the main server is off-line. (Further information on the operation of the URN and PURL addresses can be obtained by clicking on the abbreviations on the main page.) You may link to individual documents by URN as well - the respective addresses can be found at the bottom of each title page. For sites in foreign languages we recommend the URL, which directs immediately to the English page. You can find several banner variations by clicking on the MEK-logo of the main page.


The MEK also appreciates additions to its digital collection supplied by the users - if the offered content is in conformance with our thematic and structural criteria of acquisition. Those criteria are:

The electronic documents
- should be in Hungarian or related to Hungary,
- should be in the subject of culture, education or academic research
- should be in the accepted formats, which are: HTML, XML, Word, RTF, ODT, PDF, DjVu.
- should measure up to certain quality standards, such as rules of spelling and grammar
- should be of at least 30 A/4 printed pages/100.000 thousand characters length
- can be distributed without the violation of current copyright law. (In the case of contemporary authors, written authorisation is required via mail or e-mail from the copyright owner or publisher, or they may choose a Creative Commons license.)

Further documentation and recommended forms can be downloaded from our Project Archives (in Hungarian). You can directly upload documents to our 'incoming' area with anonymous ftp - after upload we kindly ask you to notify us on the address mek[}kukac{]oszk[}pont{]hu . Upload is also possible via the form below. This way, we are automatically notified of the arrival of the package. It is advisable that the files be zipped and contain due references to the original publication (date of publication, publisher, etc.) that served as source of the digitisation - that is, if such source exists. The files uploaded with this method can only be deleted only by members of the MEK staff. In the event of problems during transfer, the file can be uploaded again under an altered filename. If your document has a special layout (different from the one used in the MEK), convert it into PDF format before uploading. Please, do not use accented characters in the names of the uploaded files!

The name of the sender   
E-mail address (obligatory)
Creative Commons license (optional)
Comments (concerning the file to be uploaded)
Bibliographic data of the document:
Author(s) or editor(s)
Publisher, date of publication
(if printed source exists)
Filename (obligatory)

You can start the transfer by clicking on the "Send" button. After that, please wait, while upload commences - you can follow the process on a status bar indicating the transfer rate. After a successful upload a message is displayed, acknowledging the receipt of the file, then you are redirected to the MEK home page.