Controlled vocabulary

Country of submitterItaly
Name of the vocabularye-learning glossary
Name of the owner of the vocabularyPaola Capitani
Email of the ownerpaolacapitani [at] libero
Phone of the owner0039 055 241769
Fax of the owner0039 055 241769
Contributors (people and/or organizations)Franco Bertaccini - Scuola Superiore Traduttori e Interpreti Univesità di Bologna
Lucia Bertini - Università di Firenze
Maurizio Bottaini - IT sofware house
Gaetana Cognetti - Biblioteca Regina Elena Roma
Claudio Iezzoni - Consultant
Anna Lucarelli - Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze
Pierluigi Magliocca - La Repubblica - Roma
Beatrice Pagliai - Personae Società di consulenza
Corrado Petrucco - Università di Padova
Fortunato Pigni - Università di Milano
Claudia Rosa Pucci - FUB Roma
Mario Rotta - Università di Firenze
Oreste Signore - w3c
Silvia Vecci - Unità Eurydice - Indire - Firenze
Official language of the vocabulary
Second languages of vocabulary
Type of the vocabularyThesaurus,
Coverage of the vocabularye-learning
If the vocabulary is a simple and small list of terms

VersionItalian; English; Fr
Publishing date of this version of the vocabularynon prevue
Updating frequency depends the set
How many terms (lexical units) contains this vocabulary?Between 101 and 500
Which thesaurus features are supported?Narrower term / Broader term ; Related term (or 'See also') ; Use/Used for (or 'See') ; Top term ; Scope Note ; Other (special) notes use notes, date of entry
How is the controlled vocabulary available?Local Network,
URL of the
Specific contextSchool, Higher Education, Training, Library, Archive, Museum,
Technical or other requirements for using the vocabularyIt is now at the level of first setting
Intellectual property rights and conditions of useFree to change and use an altered version
Costs for obtaining or using the vocabulary
Which thesaurus or other vocabulary standards are followedISO 2788 - ISO 5964 - Z39.10-1993
Standardization bodies that are endorsing this vocabularySome of those above
Metadata set and elementsMARC elements: Machine-Readable Cathalogue